What we see is a group of soldiers who have no real stake in the fight and no will to continue, and Tyrion rallies them. See you all next week. But more to the point: When he dies, she is nothing. Daenerys Ishish anha drivak vosma anha ray nesok mae vos. The stallion that mounts the world has no need for iron chairs. Posted in Community , Episode Recaps. As I mentioned, George R.

A more literal translation will give you a better idea for how exactly it works: Does Game of Thrones season 1 have subtitles for Dothraki? This is the bite of a fly. In our last post , John Erickson asked for some more Mortal Kombat translations. Unlike any previous episode and perhaps unlike any future episode…? Khal fines assoe mezhah jahakmeni vos khal.

And his sister, Daenerys of house Targaryen.

If you are still in there, if you haven’t gone away, show me. We move to the where Drogo is at the Lhazareen village: We have ridden far enough. I will give to him what he wants. translatioj

Do you have subtitles for Geetha Govindam? Back when I was coming up with dialogue for the pilot in fact, when I was applyingI came up with a bunch of horse commands, thinking they might enjoy some use in the series. In the first clause, you can see a bit of the old VSO word order of Dothraki popping up.


Posted by David J. If deason wailing offends the Khaleesi, I will bring you her tongue. I like Pyat Pree. Zhavvorsa vadakhera ma hrazef ma vaf akkate. May 21, Just why does he want her around?

The khaleesi is coming. I have acquired the book and cd. That was no accident.

22 it made it in before there were no Dothraki left to speak it! Anha aqorisok chiories mori, vazzafrok yal mori, ma afichak vojjor samva Vaesaan Dothrak. Remind me if I forget.

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Oh, and, of course, we also see Bitey! A Khal who cannor ride is no khal. But winning that game?

Kisha amariki vorsqoy ha maan. Certainly caravans would be known to them: Now that the episode has aired, maybe we dohhraki see dothrxki posting their videos here, so you can see them in full.

Fichi hrazef zinayi kishi. Before going, though, a recent commenter asked about getting some dog commands in Dothraki. You probably already had it. The stallion that mounts the world has no need for iron chairs. Where can I find subtitles? Plus, everyone knew every character, and knew all the ins and outs of the first season, and reacted appropriately to the action on screen.

What we see epusode a group of soldiers who have no real stake in the fight and no will to continue, and Tyrion rallies them. First you have to kill me.


How do I say I love you in Dothraki? You’ll learn that one day to your sorrow. You get the idea. First we get all this backstory and rapport, and then he busts out on Alton like a trained serial killer.

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Me vastoe hatif anni; ahhazaan yer nemo vacchaki. Since most of this will dothrkai least initially be based on guesses of the transcription I will put all guesses in parenthesis until the actual dialogue can be confirmed.

Hash tihi vekhi she nhare yeroon? Upon reflection, I think the effect of unexpected deaths like this on fans of the transllation is amusing.

Me vafik, zhey khaleesi. Mago, find somewhere else to stick your cock.

Where can I download Geetha Govindam English subtitles? For three of those who really made my first WorldCon a great one, I made sure to coin words that I knew were going to be used in the upcoming season.

I will take her with an arakh. Plus I got to see the Clippers come back from an eleventy-billion point deficit to win.