‘Cricket’ is what he loves and ‘white hairs’ something he doesn’t. It brings a sense The title of Mistry’s story betrays the expatriate voice reminiscing on earlier. 16 Jan Of White Hairs and Cricket Growing Up and Loss of Innocence Characters used to present the theme. The Father (Daddy)- ” and for all. Start studying Of White Hairs and Cricket – Rohinton Mistry. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Why can the protagonist be called a typical adolescent? That done, he goes to meet his friend Viraf. He does not want Percy to be disturbed as he is in college now. Sometimes it did, and it seemed to me that Mamaiji was overcome with disbelief, shocked and. If Viraf’ father could be taken away so easily, his could as wnite. He is jobless at the moment but hopes that something will come his way soon.

He and Mamaiji disagree constantly. Every Sunday, his father got him to remove with a tweezers, the white hairs that grew on his head. She twirled the spindle, drawing the fibres into thread from the scrap of wool in her left hand as the spindle descended.

Analysis of ‘Of White Hairs and Cricket’, by Rohinton Mistry | Academic De Stressor

Mamaiji thinks Kersi is underfed and sneaks him food. He notices the shabby room in which they are with its peeling plaster. In many ways the narrator is acting selflessly. The father is jobless at the present. Narrated in the first person by an unnamed fourteen year old boy the reader realises after reading the story that Mistry may be exploring the theme of loyalty.


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The protagonist does not know why and he engages Viraf in casual banter. Rohintpn is not as though the narrator is a bad son or grandson.

Of White Hairs and Cricket

Since the day the father felt a touch of discomfort while playing, whiye has been discontinued. Kersi is fascinated by the dexterous way she winds the thread, most of which is used to weave spare kustis. He wants to miatry, he wants to hug his father, say sorry for walking away with the task of removing the white hair undone but he finds that though he is wrought by grief inside, he cannot express any of it. He wants his younger son to be able to go to the US to study.

Mummy normally tries to sound optimistic, but today she is silent. That they care for one another despite the fact that they may have disputes. Pick out three descriptions that tell the reader this.

While he does that, his thoughts wander. Written in first person, it weaves in and whitte following a stream of consciousness kind of style.


This sudden realization of how old his beloved, worshiped father really was caused the boy to lose some of his childish belief in the hero-like qualities of his parent. This causes arguments in the family. When the arguments started, I would say that all the shouting was giving me a headache and stalk out to the steps of the compound.

Please log in to add your comment. He sees that his father is not as young and full of life as he pretends, and this deeply affects his son. He only has to ask the narrator and he will not refuse his father. View a FREE sample.

Swimming Lessons – Of White Hairs and Cricket Summary & Analysis

What both of them refuse to admit is that by the next week, more will have grown, and getting rid of them will not keep them from coming back. He wants to appear young so that he might get selected for a job. He was haurs fond of all of them, and he hated that they were fighting because of him.