Xanxus returns Besta to his box, warning Sil that when he releases Besta, he will be finished. However, Tsuna prevents him and begins to freeze Xanxus’ entire body. Now, onto the fight. Xanxus unmoving from his throne becomes enraged and reveals Besta is actually a Sky-Storm Liger , an offspring from a Sky lion with a Storm tiger. Nigella is then beaten by Baishana box weapon, a snake covered in storm flames. Not to mention a couple of the guardians seem to be coming around. Hibari continues his way in the subway, surrounded by Milliefiore members once again.

After many exerted attempts to attack ‘Mammon’ now known as Viper of the indigo pacifier , Chrome eventually loses to the illusions. XD Thanks for reading and until next time! One day, Tsuna receives an invitation to a wedding ceremony. The year-old defeats Leviathan with relative ease using his “Elettrico reverse” and “Elettrico Cornata” techniques, but the 5-minute limit of the 10 Year Bazooka ended, and Lambo reverted to his 5-year-old form. Tsuna and Xanxus have a struggle where Xanxus powers up, which seems to turn the tide of the battle. Next point is a big one: Tsuna is later intercepted by the Phantom Knight, Genkishi. Spanner leaves the Mosca and prepares to kill Tsuna.

The corpse of Bel and Fran are revealed to be illusions of Fran, who wanted to see whether Sil or Xanxus is stronger. It was revealed GingerBread was a doll and explodes, injuring Lal Mirch.

Reborn is holding this event to entertain Nana, who is always taking care of everyone. Nana’s wallet has been stolen. And being able to propel himself into the air by shooting these bullets is also incredible. Meanwhile, Tsuna is still fighting the Deathstalk squad and is having difficulty due to Iris propagating her squad.

After Belphegor reveals his true nature, Gokudera lures Belphegor into the library for a final stand.

After the smoke clears, Tsuna’s Zero Point Breakthrough froze Xanxus’s hand; revealing he has mastered the First’s technique. The second season of the Reborn! One of the best fights in the anime: He then reveals that he can read through all of Yamamoto’s moves. The 9th is taken for medical attention and everyone returns home. Due to the timely arrival of Lancia,the elite group of Varia reblrn defeated and Tsuna is pronounced the winner of the sky ring.


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Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Xanxus [Full Fight]

Some even get themselves their own home tutors. The names of the bride and the groom are Bianchi and Reborn! A beautiful woman sunbathing out of season, a talking baby, an exploding child, and a suspicious black luxury car… Shoichi Irie is confused by the strange happenings and has no chance to return the box. A dojo buster has appeared in Namimori.

Reborn is watching from behind the parents to see that Tsuna gets the answer right. It is revealed the Sun flames from Ryohei’s box animal was used by Uri to transform.

Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Xanxus [Full Fight] |

It is revealed that Regorn has met the 9th before and that he was the true choice for the position of the 10th Vongola Boss.

Yamamoto is defeated by Genkishi who reveals the room they were fighting in had steel walls covered by the mist causing Yamamoto to run into one of them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All of the selected one are forced to battle against each other who have the same type of rings.

Meanwhile Tsuna is told that besides him the First Vongola also used gloves, and he will soon find out who the two others with the ring are. Genkishi reveals that he faked his defeat against Squalo for the purpose of Milliefiore.

Meanwhile, Hibari has saved Yamamoto and Gokudera freed Ryohei. Back at the Vongola hideout, Haru is worried about Tsuna and Kyoko is worried about her brother. Awesome blog, amazing detail: Gamma manages to open a box to unleash his box animal powers, turning his foxes black in color.


Tsuna needs to be placed in battle so the contacts can be adjusted for the X-burner. But then Lambo and the others come barging in! Is the Katekyo Hitman Reborn episodes ended? At that moment, a certain man stands at the front of the class!

He demands Tsuna to hand over his Sky Ring or his friends will be killed. In other words, I thought each of the rings could only be used once on a person. Tsuna is later intercepted by the Phantom Knight, Genkishi. Ryohei, Gokudera, and Yamamoto continue their way into the base but suddenly the base starts to move.

Sil refuses and attacks Xanxus with his Storm Bats. However, Genkishi wavers when Tsuna’s resolute eyes reminds him of Uni.

Ryohei defeats Baishana and his box weapon with a move called “Maximum Ingram”. Zettai Maken ” Japanese: Hibari is about to use his last 3 rings. It rapidly starts to grow, endangering all those around it. Xanxus is not actually the 9th’s blood son, and so, the rings rejected him. Dino arrives at the battle with an unexpected guest and Chrome is being held hostage fsuna Marmon and Bel. Yamamoto along with Gokudera propose a trade between Mammon and Bel, which turns out to be a well played trick but is countered by Mammon’s illusions which binds both Yamamoto and Gokudera, Gokudera of which drops the remaining rings.

Lambo is beat up by Reborn as usual and is tossed into a neighboring house.